In the fibromyalgia crisis as I feel.

It is suffering in rows because pain is not disability. 
– is to hear from others: “you are lazy” or “what do you mean? She doesn’t look so young.
– you want to leave the jump, but leave the tennis or the floors because you can’t stand staying more than 5 minutes on a jump;

– spend days sleeping plagued with pain remedies without seeing what happens to life and wake up again in pain with everything that was behind you waiting in those days when not; Or spend days and days without sleep.

– accompany someone in some interesting activity and simply look;
– stop doing the things you loved;

– Stop going to a place awaited by time because pain and extreme fatigue did not allow it;

– Is to spend the nights awake in pain;

– You are having sleep disorders and anxiety crisis;

– is having concentration and memory problems, getting lost in conversations and not being able to understand anything to read or lose in the middle of a calculation;

– It is to intensify the pain when you are sad, cheerful or even when you argue with someone who has the idea that it is drama and freshness or something of our head …

– It is always with headache, dizziness and nausea … to have blurred vision, dry eyes, intolerance to light, smells and some sounds;

– is to be afraid of losing those who love for not meeting their expectations;

– is to know when it will rain or cool down (hahaha …)

– It will hurt many people you love because they don’t understand your limitations …
Leave dreams aside. (changes the way of dreaming)
It’s starting every morning.

So forgive my absence. I would like to review many people … do many things I did … but … not always with you!

It is to feel all this and continue to believe in happiness (and be happy) because it is only unhappy who wants to be.

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