Scientists confirm that moisture increases joint pain

One study confirmed that on wet, windy days and with low atmospheric pressure, the chances of feeling joint pain increase by 20 percent for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine and neuropathic pain.

The University of Manchester, in England, developed the research and published the results on its website on October 24.

Likewise, it was determined that the most important factor associated with increased pain is high relative humidity. The study involved 13,000 residents of the 124 areas indicated by the UK postal code, since 2016.

The ingenious method

For its part, the health software company uMotif developed an application for smartphones, through which employees recorded their daily symptoms which were linked to the atmospheric conditions given by the GPS of their smartphones.

In this way it was found that wet days were more likely to be painful, aggravating with low atmospheric pressure and a higher wind speed.

Regarding the incidence of rain, no results were determined.

“Approximately three quarters of people living with arthritis believe that their pain is affected by time,” said Professor Will Dixon, of the Center for Epidemiology against Arthritis at the University of Manchester and director of the study.

He also noted that since the time when Hippocrates existed (Greek doctor of antiquity) it was believed that time worsens the symptoms of patients with arthritis.

On the other hand, one of the patients reported what the condition means for the patients.

“Many people live with chronic pain, which affects their work, family life and mental health. Even when we have followed the best pain control tips, we often continue to experience pain on a daily basis, ”he said according to the same source.

In the United Kingdom alone, 10 million people suffer from the symptoms of arthritis.

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