Toxic relatives should also leave your life and you should not feel guilty

We always talk about toxic relationships with friends or friends, forgetting that there is something worse, the toxic relatives of whom it is also better to get away.

Society teaches us that family ties must be maintained forever, especially when it comes to mom, dad or brothers, in these cases it is almost an obligation to love them, respect them and leave them forever in your life. However, this does not have to be this way, since these feelings are earned.

It should be noted that the life of all people is important and forget about becoming judges of others, since that only hurts us. In the case of feeling resentment because a person has not met our expectations is something that we should rather work.

Let no one destroy your mental balance

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But if someone in your family hurts you, breaks your mental balance and even becomes violent physically or emotionally, it is best to walk away without any problems. Remember that family titles and blood ties cannot erase wounds in people’s hearts.

Besides not all families, they are what they should be, much less the image they sell us, there are toxic people even within the family, which could definitely harm you. We have not come into the world to suffer, much less for other people, even if they carry our blood.

The family should always be there to protect you, especially when it comes to the father, mother or siblings, when this gets out of control, it is best to break ties and not feel guilty, everyone has their reasons and is something completely valid.

Of course, keep in mind that like any loss it is necessary to work it, deal with the pain, not hide it and above all learn to forgive. It’s not your fault that person will behave negatively, so don’t feel guilty about getting him out of your life.

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