Stoner, “moved” by the support received in his fight against chronic fatigue

Stoner’s Calvary: “Yes pilot, I have to spend a whole week on the couch”

Last week, Casey Stoner is sinceraba in the podcast ‘Rusty’s Garage’ and claimed that again suffer chronic fatigue syndrome (already had in 2009 when several races missed by the disease) that precludes him virtually no activity sporty. Among them, obviously, pilot.

Stoner’s Calvary: “Yes pilot, I have to spend a whole week on the couch”

December 3, 2019

“I don’t have the energy to drive, and doing so would make me have to stay a whole week on the couch,” admitted the pilot, former Repsol Honda or Ducati.

Now, however, the Australian has reappeared (this time through a tweet in his personal account) to thank all the support messages he has received since the podcast was published.

I’m humbled by the response to my recent podcast with @Thrusta1 where I shared my current challenge with suffering Chronic Fatigue. Thanks to my fans & the moto industry for your thoughts & well wishes they mean a lot! You can hear the podcast on iTunes at Rusty’s Garage. Casey Stoner (@Official_CS27) December 7, 2019

” I am moved by the response to the recent podcast in which I shared my current challenge to suffer from chronic fatigue. Thank you to my fans and the motorcycle industry for their thoughts and good wishes that mean a lot!” Stoner wrote in a tweet in which he attached a photo on the beach, accompanied by his wife and two daughters.

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