Inspired by his wife, he creates an all-terrain wheelchair for people with disabilities

After creating this superb wheelchair for his wife, Zack Nelson is today launching his invention on a large scale.By Mégane Bouron -July 3, 2020

A year ago, the youtubeur Zack Nelson had a united and creative idea to improve the daily life of his disabled companion: create an all-terrain wheelchair with amazing performance. A superb invention.

Have you ever heard of The Rig ? This unusual vehicle, intended for people with reduced mobility, allows you to stroll in the great outdoors: on snow, sand as well as difficult to access roads. It has a range of 32 km and can reach a speed of 19 km / h. A real innovation originally imagined for Cambry, the wife of Zack Nelson.

But strong of its success on social networks, the videographer decided to launch a new objective: to produce his invention on a large scale. No sooner said than done, The Rig is now sold on the Not A Wheel Chair website , between 3,300 and 4,300 euros depending on the configuration desired.

“We wanted to create something that was affordable for everyone. Finding quality components and a fairly simple design at the lowest possible price took a long time. “

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