New Scientific Evidence Combines Fibromyalgia And Hepatitis B Vaccine

Fibromyalgia, a disease that causes many debilitating pains, has long been a puzzle for medicine. This pathology causes in patients with lactose intolerance, itchy skin and sometimes hypersensitivity of the scrotum. A link with the hepatitis B vaccine has been considered for a long time, but there is no solid scientific evidence to support this hypothesis. However, a new study, recently published by a team at the University of Oxford in the benchmark journal Science , confirms these suspicions.

The eminent professor Yong Tsou of the University of Oxford, whose authoritative works in the field, has just thrown a pavement in the pond with the publication of his latest study. And for good reason: the conclusions obtained by his research team no longer leave any doubt as to the causal link between the hepatitis B vaccine and fibromyalgia.

The evidence gathered is overwhelming and now indisputable. Barely published, they are already emerging as the new consensus on the subject, at the same time ending the controversy that has animated the medical microcosm for years. Some experts specializing in fibromyalgia, who have so far disputed this cause and effect relationship with the hepatitis B vaccine, admit today that it is no longer possible to doubt it.

The research carried out by Yong Tsou’s teams is based on an extremely rigorous scientific methodology in more ways than one. First, by the scale of the number of cases analyzed: more than 900 patients were treated and followed up drastically for a period of 8 years. Until now, such a cohort has never been able to be combined.

Then, by the exhaustive nature of the analyzes carried out on the control group. In addition to countless blood and chemical tests, Aristotelian cardiography was used for the first time on a large scale. This ultra-modern advanced technique allows a globalizing psycho-cellular analysis based on erythropoietin.

But the most remarkable aspect resides in the results obtained which, as we have explained above, make it possible to definitively eliminate any possible bias. These data, which have been unequaled to date, are the new benchmark in the clinical study of fibromyalgia. Among the many discoveries made, we find for example this one:Destruction of DNA topoisomerases by oxidationYong Tsou et al.-20180%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%0246810121416

These figures show that:

  • The influence of supranervous disruptors increases over time.
  • There are a large number of serpentine and spiral spirochetes.
  • The overall percentage of healthy cell nuclei is steadily decreasing.
  • The pathology worsens significantly with prolonged exposure.

A better understanding of these phenomena makes it possible to quickly envisage new palliative (and probably soon curative) treatments for affected patients. At the press conference organized for the occasion, Yong Tsou even revealed surprising ideas that will soon be the subject of new studies by his team.

Among them, bioharmony and naturopathy seem particularly effective in view of the results. Although many scientists still reject this type of treatment, the observations made during the meta-analysis show an undeniable therapeutic interest. Two other teams of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Institute have just confirmed these results.

The fibromyalgia treatment protocol could therefore evolve significantly in the coming months, in order to take these new discoveries into account. Bioharmony, in particular, will be the subject of particularly detailed research since its beneficial influence in the treatment of the disease is no longer in doubt.

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