The disability pension of a person with Fibromyalgia was rejected due to photos that posted on social media.

Do you think your social media profiles represent your life 
with precision? Could a stranger look at your profile and 
determine that you have fibromyalgia simply by browsing 
for your photos?
Most would say that the answer is no.

But, New York comedian Kayla Barry was recently denied a request  for disability fibromyalgia  and  
chronic fatigue  syndrome
because it,s apparently didn’t seem like it Sick enough in  several photos she posted online.

Barry explains in a Tumblr post (where she is known as Fibro-
Larious) that the doctor who was hired to make the decision about his 
claim used photos posted on his Twitter account to determine if she  was  really ill.
He hasn’t tweeted in nearly a year, and the photos referenced in the 
document that denies his claim, that showed his smile and his laughter 
published between one and two years ago.
In his Tumblr post, Barry included an excerpt from the document: “The person represented in most of these publications seems being a  young woman who is engaged in life activities, awake, smiling and  alert . 
“They don’t seem to represent an individual who looks chronically sick”.
These images, Barry explains, are not accurate representations of his life.
As anyone using social media can attest, which We publish  does not paint the entire image.
“People always use social media to show the BEST 
moments  of their lives, even if they are not the whole truth, “he says in his 
And like many with fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases, Barry 
she keeps many of her struggles to herself.
” I don’t share the three days I have to sleep to recover from a set stand-up comedy. I do not share the intense pain that my body suffers after of walking through Central Park for a day, ”he writes.
“They are called invisible diseases for a reason. People with chronic diseases can look completely normal.
The disease is hidden  from  view. “

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