Fibromyalgia sufferers: “Tainted as lazy, useless, liars by society and doctors”

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 – 06:30 H

Every fiber of my body screams silently, only I can hear them. Fatigue is so present that even breathing is difficult, sleeping is impossible, life becomes difficult when you spend the day  fighting against your own body . We are the  invisible ones , just because society refuses to observe. We are  the fibromyalgia sufferers .

Unfairly stigmatized, we have to face every day the misunderstanding of society that  labels us lazy, useless, liars . We are guided by the premise that what cannot be seen does not exist and we do not look closely enough to realize that  there are the signsClear as water, but that would mean having empathy.

And the problem is not society, it is not our environment (which sometimes causes us the greatest wounds by not understanding ourselves), in  the end it is the health professionals . Because those who swore to take care of us are the first to treat us less, to not believe us, to make us go from specialist to specialist without giving a clear answer, assuming that “they are things that are in our heads”  for the simple fact that be a woman . Because yes, as much as it annoys a few, studies show it: a man who complains of pain is taken more seriously.

Our disease takes us downhill until we are lucky enough to find a professional who finds what we have, but until then  we have already suffered iatrogenesis and some of us even panic about going back into a consultation because of bad experiences. To all this, we must add that, however disabling the disease becomes, it is not considered sufficient to give us  a percentage of disability .

In addition to understanding, we need  the medical staff to update themselves , read the latest studies, understand that this is something that is being diagnosed more and more and the reason is still not known nor has a cure been found, more than the palliative for pain, which is not always enough.

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