Fibromyalgia: reached Marseille after 6,000 km on foot

Violette Duval traveled 6000 km from Normandy to Portugal and Spain to draw attention to fibromyalgia, a disease that is rarely talked about. A disease that still affects two million people in France. Marseille marks the end of its journey. 

Violet this Friday for his penultimate stage in the crown.

Violette Duval ends a great adventure: a 6,000 km walk, a real feat to draw attention to fibromyalgia.

This “invisible” disease, which leaves no trace of inflammation or injury, causes permanent pain.

“Given this unbearable pain, many find themselves in depression. Some even commit suicide, ”     explains Violette Duval, who suffers from the disease.

At the age of 14, young Norman began to experience symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The young violet discovers an intense pain which affects her body, her hands and her feet. She has a headache. He has trouble sleeping. 

Your only "baggage" with your basket
Your only “baggage” with your stroller • © Photo VD

This gives     your performance    even more    recognition    . It’s been more than a year since the 35-year-old left Normandy, where she comes from.

She decides to join Marseille and travel through Portugal and Spain. As luggage, a cart full of necessary items.

However, detention only arrested her two weeks before her planned arrival in Marseille last April.

I returned to Normandy with my parents for two and a half months. It was a little frustrating, but it allowed me to move forward and find a job for the future,     ” she  says   optimistically.

Since June 5, the adventurer has been in the streets more motivated than ever.

I have given a lot and received a lot.

Violet Duval, Fibromyalgia

During her trip, many patients come to see her to accompany her during part of the trip. One way to share what unites them.

“It’s always the same story for all of us who have this disease: we are not heard. We are told that the problem is reduced, that it is in our head. I think it’s important to take action to report this. “

When we ask Violette what are the best memories of this trip, she replies:     “It’s all the generosity that this project has produced. I have given a lot and received a lot. “

The cart, a companion on a 6000 km journey
The cart, a companion on a 6000 km journey • © Photo VD

Because, on the way, Violette was often encouraged     “with smiles, pretty horns, coffee breaks, meals together and snacks”   .

There were dangerous times like in the tunnels.

Violet Duval, Fibromialgia

But every adventure has its difficulties. The worst moments of the young woman are linked to the street and its dangers:

“I had problems in Andalusia. I was almost crushed. I didn’t always feel comfortable on the street. There were dangerous times like in the tunnels. In fact, there are not many cycle paths in Europe. The walking conditions were sometimes very risky. “

But the bad memories disappear as the endgame approaches.

Saturday, Violette leaves Estaque at 2 p.m. to reach the heart of Marseille, the dark port of Porto Velho. The young woman is expected between 4.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. At the end of her trip, she hopes to bring people together.

The presence of the media means a lot to her. Because the objective of your project is to alert the Ministry of Health to the problem of this “invisible” disease.

Much of the course took place at sea or at sea
A large part of the course took place by the sea or in the ocean • © Photo VD

“It’s complicated to do things. The action I have taken is super positive for me. But the definitive recognition of this disease   does not depend on me. I want to draw the attention of the Minister of Health and make an appointment. “

A commitment to remember that 3% of the population suffers from   a disease that goes unnoticed   . Apply for funding so that research can really focus on the cause of this disease.

Thus, finally, this achievement of 6,000 km not only remains symbolic, but leads to a political decision on health.

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